The Court of Master Sommeliers returns to Sydney in July 2015 to offer its internationally recognised qualification programme for Sommeliers. For the first time ever, The Court of Master Sommeliers will also be offering the Advanced certification in Australia for eligible candidates.

Franck Moreau MS, says “This is a wonderful opportunity for sommeliers to obtain an internationally recognised and highly prestigious qualification. The Sommelier Profession within the industry today continues to grow from strength to strength, with 454 Introductory Sommelier Graduates, 187 Certified Sommelier Graduates, 11 Advanced Master Sommeliers and 2 Master Sommeliers now in Australia. Australia is now known as a leading training ground for sommeliers worldwide, and the increased number of candidates seeking Master Sommelier qualifications in Australia really demonstrates this.”

Introductory Certification: Wed July 8th – Fri July 10th, Ivy Sunroom (320 George St, Sydney)
Certified Qualification: Fri July 10th, Ivy Sunroom (320 George St, Sydney)
Advanced Certification: Sun July 12th – Thurs July 16th, InterContinental Sydney (117 Macquarie St, Sydney)

About the Court of Master Sommeliers

The Court of Master Sommeliers was established in 1977 to promote excellence in hotel and restaurant beverage services. The intensive education and examination programme guides aspiring Masters through four increasingly rigorous levels of coursework and examination, culminating in the Master Sommelier Diploma Examination.

Court of Master Sommeliers in Australia

Since 2008 in Australia 733 sommeliers have participated in the examinations resulting in 454 Introductory Sommelier graduates, 187 Certified Sommelier graduates, 11 Advanced Level Master Sommeliers and 2 who have attained the title of Master Sommelier.

The most recent Australian graduates to the MS Advanced Sommelier certification are Paul Beaton (Aria), Yuki Ochiai (Rockpool Bar & Grill) and Adrian Filiuta (Felix / Merivale). Working in Australia today there are currently 2 sommeliers with the highly coveted title of Master Sommelier: Franck Moreau (Merivale) and Sebastian Crowther (Rockpool). Worldwide there are currently just 220 Sommeliers who have gained the highly coveted title of Master Sommelier.

For the Sydney Advanced Sommelier program, there will be 7 Master Sommeliers in Australia from The USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and New Zealand, including the founder of the Court and Chief Executive of the Court of Master Sommeliers Europe – Brian K. Julyan MS.

The Court of Master Sommeliers gratefully acknowledges
the generous support of InterContinental Sydney.

Franck Moreau
Phone: 02 9254 8092
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