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The WCA has a chapter in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Role of State Committees

Assist and support the National Board and local teams to:

  • Plan for, implement and/or participate in, local events, fundraising development and initiatives supporting the WCA strategy in delivering budgeted revenue
  • Provide WCA with local networks of individuals and organisations to enhance and grow WCA membership base and sphere of influence
  • Support with attendance / speaking at events as a WCA representative / ambassador
  • To advise on opportunities / activities opportunities in the state
  • To provide leadership opportunities for the state chapter members and succession planning for National Board roles

How to get involved

Want to join a WCA Chapter? Please contact us and have a chat.

There are limited seats on each Chapter however we would be very happy to hear from you should you be interested.


State chapters members

New South Wales

  • SALLY CANTELO – Chair – Current contributor to The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society and holds a Master of Management from University of Technology, Sydney 
  • KATHERINE CANDY – Brand Manager, Pernod Richard  
  • ROB HIRST – Chairman, Fine Wine Partners  
  • EMILY HOUSE – Hen House Marketing 
  • EMMALENE LOVELOCK – Brand Manager, Taylors Wines  
  • BRIAN OLSEN – Communications Manager, Taylors Wines
  • CHRISTINE RICKETTS – Cellar Director, Endeavour Drinks Group  
  • HANNAH SPARKS – Associate Editor, HIP Media
  • WILLIAM WILSON – Certified Sommeliers and Beverage Operations and Cellar Manager, International Convention Centre Sydney 
South Australia

  • SHIRLEY FRASER – Sales and Marketing Manager, Byrne Vineyards (Chair)
  • FIONA BAVAGE – Owner / Designer, Bavage Design
  • HANNAH BENTLEY – Communications Manager, Wine Australia
  • CARLOS ESCOBAR – Purchasing Manager, National Wine Centre
  • JANELLE DIX – Business Development Manager, Label Partners
  • AMBER FLAVELL – Marketing and Wine Club Manager, Howard Vineyards
  • KERRY FORBES – Owner / Operator, Winepack Warehouse
  • KATE GILES – CEO Claritas Marketing
  • DR JACQUI MCRAE – Senior Research Scientist, The Australian Wine Research Institute
  • TRINA SMITH – Group White & Sparkling Winemakers, Pernod Ricard Winemakers

  • ED MERRISON – Chair – Communications Manager, CellarHand
  • SARAH ANDREW – Educator and Sommelier, Selador Wines
  • CHRISTIAN DAL ZOTTO – Owner, Dal Zotto Wines
  • MARIANNE DULUK – Brand Manager, Brown Brothers
  • JUSTIN HODGE – Operations Manager, Regional Wines – Treasury Wine Estates
  • SIMONE MADDEN-GREY – Educator, Happy Wine Woman
  • JUDE WALTA – Global Brand Manager, Penfolds – Treasury Wine Estates