WCA has welcomed content marketing agency, FULLER, as the national partner – and official road-crew – for this year’s annual lecture series “PLONK on the Road” in April.

Account Director Will Fuller will join Nathan, Chris and Josh from PLONK on the road trip and host the events in Adelaide (April 21), Melbourne (April 22) and Sydney (April 23).

Mr Fuller said FULLER has been plugging Australian plonk since the company’s inception in a corrugated iron shed in the Barossa in 1993.

“Having met the PLONK creators in 2012, when the idea was still just that, we’ve been excited to support, help and watch the guys bring their concept to fruition,” he said.

“Given our increasing commitment to content marketing, the PLONK series really pushed our buttons as it represents the way we are thinking about the brave new world of online marketing communication for wine brands. We’re really excited to join the WCA in presenting ‘PLONK On The Road’ and look forward to catching up with everyone in April for a glass.”

WCA Chair Nick Carne said this year’s lecturePlonk on the Road has already had a fantastic response, which will present a fresh industry perspective and be a whole lot of fun.

More details about each event and the Plonk ‘cru’ is available online here.