WCA Wine Media Cadetship

The WCA Wine Media Cadetship, available to South Australian residents, aims to foster emerging talent and promote excellence in Australian wine communication. It is geared toward empowering young people who aspire to move into the field of wine journalism and communication. The program enriches the pool of wine media personnel and creates proud ambassadors to advance the positive promotion of Australia wine on an international stage.

Open to residents of South Australia, the WCA Wine Media Cadetship is made possible through the Adelaide a Great Wine Capital of the World initiative funded by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), the South Australian Wine Industry Association, South Australian Tourism Commission and Brand South Australia.

Dr. Lieke van der Hulst was awarded WCA Wine Media Cadet in 2018. Read her blogs HERE

Applications for the 2019 WCA Wine Media Cadetship are now CLOSED.



One cadetship will be awarded in 2019.

The Wine Media Cadet will take part in a customised ten week program, run over 6 month period, and include tailored wine and media experiences.

The cadetship incorporates the opportunity to participate in a prestigious international wine event, coupled with a range of wine and media experiences. Examples of the type of experiences included in the program include:

  • 7-10 day long travel experience at a major international wine event
  • Media training workshops
  • Practical media placements in print, radio and/or television – sensory evaluation training
  • Wine and media mentorship
  • Wine show judging placement
  • Attendance at key premium food and wine events across the state to promote Adelaide / South Australia’s membership in the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.
  • Meetings with Australian wine industry bodies

The cadetship is open to South Australian residents, aged 25-40.

The successful cadet will maintain an online blog, housed on the Adelaide, South Australia Great Wine Capitals website to diarise their experience and promote activities under the Great Wine Capitals program.

To apply for the Wine Media Cadetship, complete the online application form. There are three questions that must be answered in order to be considered for the cadetship.

Applications for the 2019 WCA Wine Media Cadetship are now CLOSED.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at: [email protected].