WCA Wine Media Cadetship

The WCA Wine Media Cadetship, available to South Australian residents, aims to foster emerging talent and promote excellence in Australian wine communication. It is geared toward empowering young people who aspire to move into the field of wine writing and communication. The program enriches the pool of wine media personnel and creates proud ambassadors to advance the positive promotion of Australia wine on an international stage.

The WCA Wine Media Cadetship is made possible through the Adelaide a Great Wine Capital initiative funded by Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), the South Australian Wine Industry Association and South Australian Tourism Commission, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia.

The Wine Media Cadetship past award recipients include:

2021 – Amanda Eve. Read media release HERE.

2020 – Lachlan Aird. Read media release HERE.

2019 – Mariette Morris. Read media release HERE.

2018 – Dr. Lieke van der Hulst. Read media release HERE.

2017 – Emily Hay Read media release HERE.

Applications are now closed for the 2021 WCA Wine Media Cadetship



  • Entries Open: 12 July 2021

  • Entries Close: 16 August 2021

  • 2021 Cadet Announced: 3 September 2021

  • Program Runs: September 2021 – February 2022



“The cadetship helped broaden my network, hone my skills and develop an even greater understanding of the wine industry locally and abroad. 

I am a better wine marketer and wine communicator for having taken part.”

Lachlan Aird, 2020 Wine Media Cadet

“Being a wine media cadet gave me the opportunity to further immerse myself in the the world of wine, as well as find my voice in writing.

Lieke Van Der Hulst, 2018 Wine Media Cadet

“The WCA wine media cadetship has been invaluable to the rapid growth and development of my career in wine communications.

The months spend delving into South Australia’s wine industry have giving me a rare insight into exactly why we are so deserving of the Great Wine Capital title. The generosity, passion and dedication of the people, the awe-inspiring landscapes and commitment to both history and innovation all resulting in spectacular products and evocative stories to tell the world.”

Emily Hay

Emily Hay, 2017 Wine Media Cadet, Your Content Goes Here
Program & Application Criteria

One cadetship will be awarded in 2021.

The Wine Media Cadet will take part in a customised ten week program, run over 6 month period, and include tailored wine and media experiences.

Due to COVID-19 and flight restriction, the Wine Media Cadet program will not offer an international travel experience in 2021. However, should the prestigious Great Wine Capitals AGM proceed online, an invitation will be extended for the cadet to attend. The program will include a number of wine and media experiences withihn South Australia. Examples of the type of experiences included in the program include:

  • Opportunity to write blog (or equivalent) content to be published on the GWC website
  • Wine Communicators of Australia Free 12 month membership
  • Practical placement with Wine Communicators of Australia
  • Wine and media mentorship
  • Wine show judging placement
  • Attendance at key premium food and wine events across the state to promote Adelaide / South Australia’s membership in the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.
  • Meetings with Australian wine industry bodies


The cadetship is open to South Australian residents, with a minimum 3 years Australian wine industry experience.

The successful cadet will maintain an online blog, housed on the Adelaide, South Australia Great Wine Capitals website to diarise their experience and promote activities under the Great Wine Capitals program. CLICK HERE to view.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at: wca@winecommunicators.com.au.