Following the recent resignation of two of our National Board members, Angie Bradbury and Lisa Webber, WCA would like to put a call out for nominations to replace these roles.

WCA is the pre-eminent national organisation for professionals working in wine or those people who just like to drink and talk about it. WCA is an important conduit for bringing the industry and the people in it together. WCA is governed by a National Board, whose members are elected by the WCA members at the Annual General Meeting held in November of each year and are drawn from each of the States in which WCA has a Chapter (New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria). On this occasion, we will open the nominations for the 2 casual vacancies to the wider WCA population.

The role of a director is to form part of the National Board. The board is responsible for, and has the sole power in respect of, the policy, practices, overall management and operation of the WCA. The board may delegate any such responsibilities to the Executive Officer or its committees.

The tenure of office for a WCA director is two years. These two current roles will fill casual vacancies and will come up for election at the WCA AGM in November 2017. In accordance with WCA Ltd By-Law 5.4, after the election of Directors, the Board shall select from amongst its Directors; the Office Bearers and Committee roles to fulfil Board responsibilities.
If you are interested in nominating to become a Director of WCA, please review the criteria below:
– Nominees must be financial members of WCA as at 1st October 2017.
– Nominees must be proposed and seconded by Financial Members of WCA. (the National Board will look after this for all legitimate applications)
– Nominees should include a 150 word summary of why the nominee is standing for election and your skills for a potential role on the Board. (if you have a current CV that you can attach, this would also be helpful.

In terms of workload, the National Board meets for 2 hours every second month via teleconference. Each Board Member is also required to sit on a subcommittee (charged with the task of one particular area for the WCA). There will also be a number of events held in each state and the board members are strongly encouraged to attend where at all possible. There is no requirement for interstate travel by the board. A reasonable rule of thumb is that the requirement of being a board member will be about 2-3 hours per week, which includes both the formal meetings, plus pre-reading and any actions required.

Next steps:

Nominations to Lynda Schenk, Executive Officer, WCA at by COB Friday 6th October, 2017

Please see the nomination forms and WCA Directors Responsibilities document.   Please also include a current CV.

If you have any questions on these roles please call Lynda Schenk (Executive Officer) on 0400 811 002 or Angus Barnes (National Chair) on 0407 615132