Artisan Wine Storage unveils $2M facility in Sydney

Innovative wine storage and tasting lounge, Artisan Wine Storage has launched in Sydney. Dedicated to the proper care and management of wine, the $2million facility offers a fully integrated 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service from warehousing to full supply chain management. Artisan Wine Storage has also established a network of vertical sales channel partners which provides trade clients the ability to sell wine online. This cohesive offering allows trade clients to concentrate on their core business activity of brand building while Artisan Wine Storage manages the rest.

To achieve this, Artisan Wine Storage built a climate controlled warehouse that offers a constant 12°C (the only facility in the Southern Hemisphere) and 55-75% relative humidity, utilised cloud-based wine management technology and designed a wine tasting lounge that really encapsulates the perfect wine-centric facility for trade customers to showcase wines to their clients and Artisan Wine Storage’s client base.

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