Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) is delighted to announce the appointment of new Chair Angus Barnes.

Mr Barnes, who is Brand Communications and Heritage Director at Pernod Ricard Winemakers, was unanimously elected at last Wednesday’s national board meeting, with former Chair Angie Bradbury elected as Deputy Chair.

Mr Barnes said he was delighted to take on the new role and was looking forward to continuing the great work done by previous Chairman Angie Bradbury, the national board and executive team.

“I am glad to have such a strong national team and am particularly delighted that Angie will continue to be a large part of the future of WCA, remaining on the National board and taking the role of Deputy Chairman,” Mr Barnes said.

“Angie has been instrumental in establishing WCA as a truly national association. Her passion and drive have led the Board and executive team for three years and I take on the role confident that WCA know has an incredibly active and positive future and role to play in the Australian wine industry.”

Mr Barnes said he had three immediate priorities to get on with including:

1. Selecting the replacement due to the retirement of long serving Executive Officer, Jeffrey Wilkinson. WCA hope to make this announcement in the next few days.

2. Working to refine the WCA strategy, so it continues to deliver value to its members and ensure a solid association going into the future.

3. Working with all the State Chapters to ensure open communication and alignment. It is critical that each State Chapter is vibrant and continuing to build in their respective states.

“I look forward to an enjoyable and successful 2015 and would be delighted to hear from any of our current or prospective members in the year ahead,” he said.

WCA is a Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) is the national organisation for professionals who talk about – and talk up – wine for a living. WCA delivers first class professional and networking events, webinars, education and awards programs and its members share a commitment to excellence, professionalism and innovation in communication about wine.

More details regarding WCA’s national board can be found here.

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