Be amongst the first to hear the official tally and outcomes of Vintage 2013.

On Friday, June 28, Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) will release the highlights of its annual national Vintage Report simultaneously at lunches in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

The WCA Vintage Report Luncheon is a must attend event for anyone who has an interest in the Australian wine industry.

Each city event, will feature three industry presenters – who will each deliver their perspective on Vintage 2013.

The first and main presenter at each of the lunches will be a senior executive from WFA, who will offer the first detailed quantitative analysis of their national Vintage Report. The Report is seriously respected by those who are looking for the facts on the current vintage. Data such as tonnage, quality, prices, varietals and future outlook will be presented.

Based on a comprehensive survey of winery intake, the WFA Vintage Report is eagerly awaited, consistently accurate and widely used by the industry and analysts to help plan business development strategies and assess the balance between winery stocks and future supply and market demand.

The luncheon’s additional presenters will represent Vintage 2013 from the perspective of the respective state’s wine industry as well as the state’s media or communications sector.

Vintage is more than facts and numbers – and the annual WCA Vintage Report Luncheon offers a wholly unique event and opportunity to sit back, be informed and enjoy great food, wine and company.

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See you there.