Mentee application extended for WCA Wine Industry Mentor Program

2020-03-23T14:03:34+10:3023 March 2020|Media release, News|

At this unprecedented time there are a lot of elements that businesses and individuals are grappling with.  It is on this basis that WCA have received a number of requests from individuals to be granted an extension in order to complete their applications to become a Mentee in our 2020 Wine Industry Mentor Program.  Therefore, in order to be fair to all we have decided to extend the closing date

Boosting the careers of next generation wine communicators

2020-03-02T09:19:27+10:302 March 2020|Media release, News|

After the tremendous success of the 2019 Wine Industry Mentor Program, Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) and the Adelaide Business School at The University of Adelaide are pleased to announce over 20 industry leaders are set to take up the mantle as a mentor in 2020. This national wine industry mentor program aims to boost the career trajectory of the next generation of wine communicators. The program will benefit people

New Board Chair Appointed for WCA

2020-02-27T12:34:49+10:3025 February 2020|Media release, News|

Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) welcomes new Interim Chair Marni Cook, a proficient educator, recently appointed to the inaugural skills-based Board as Chair of the Board of McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism Association.  The incumbent Chair, Toni Carlino was announced as the Chair on the National Board of Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) in April 2019. Toni has requested to step down for an interim period while she recovers

Australian Wine – Winning the long game

2020-02-24T21:40:18+10:3024 February 2020|Media release, News|

 ASVO is proudly working in collaboration with Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) to present a two-day seminar on June 29-30, 2020. ‘Australian wine: winning the long game’ will tackle the big issues: growing, making and selling wine in the future.  “Wine businesses today are confronted with the threat of fire, drought, rising energy prices, disease and climate change (among other things). Consumers are seeking out businesses whose practises offer a

Next Level Marketing Nous – Executive Short Courses from UniSA & the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

2020-01-27T08:01:14+10:3027 January 2020|Blog, News|

In a world where consumers are bombarded with stimuli coming from every direction, it is important that wine businesses have clear marketing messages and strategies that engage their consumer effectively. Put simply, wine brands must stay on top of their marketing game to remain in the game. With this in mind, the University of South Australia (‘UniSA’) and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, provide helpful executive short courses in

South Australian Wine, What Do Our International Friends Think About It?

2020-01-16T16:05:01+10:3016 January 2020|Blog, News|

Whether you are reaching for a glass of a classy cool climate Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills, an old vine Grenache from McLaren Vale, or a refreshing Riesling from the Eden Valley; we as South Aussies are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a premium wine. We really have it all in little old Adelaide, but do our international friends and colleagues feel the same way about South

Great Wine Capitals – All You Need to Know

2020-01-16T16:00:43+10:3016 December 2019|Blog, News|

So what is Great Wine Capitals? The Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce founded Great Wine Capitals (“GWC”) in 1999. Today GWC is a global wine network that encourages travel, education and business exchanges between each of the member cities. In 2016, Adelaide became a member of the GWC Global Network alongside: Mainz-Rheinhessen, Germany Verona, Italy Bordeaux, France Mendoza, Argentina Lausanne, Switzerland Valparaiso Casa Blanca Valley, Chile Porto, Portugal Bilbao Rjoja, Spain

Bordeaux – a Great Wine Capital

2019-12-16T14:18:39+10:3016 December 2019|Blog, News|

Bordeaux – a Great Wine Capital “I’m going where?!” I thought. I was already excited about being the 2019 Wine Media Cadet, and then they told me I was going to Bordeaux. While I was excited, I was also in shock. I was expecting to get a call later explaining that they had made a mistake or that they had changed their mind. It wasn’t until my flights and accommodation

Behind the Scenes at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Wine Show

2019-12-16T14:07:03+10:3012 December 2019|Blog, News|

I have spent a lot of time over the years investigating the many different aspects of the wine industry, but up until now, I really had no idea of the level of effort and rigour that goes into judging at a wine show. After stewarding for a couple of days at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show (RAWS), I gained a little insight and a lot of appreciation for the hard

China-Australia Wine Marketing Summit 2020 Announced

2019-12-02T11:11:54+10:302 December 2019|Media release, News|

Mainland China continues to be an important market for the Australian Wine Sector.  Off the back of the success of the 2019 Summit, Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) will be hosting the 2020 China-Australia Wine Marketing Summit where you will hear from leading China experts, 6 May 2020. Leading into 2020 and beyond how are you, your team and organisation going to take advantage of this exciting market. This Summit