2018 Royal Adelaide Wine Show Entries Now Open

2018-04-20T11:25:12+00:0020 April 2018|News|

Entries for the 2018 Royal Adelaide Wine Show are NOW OPEN. The Royal Adelaide Wine Show is the most prestigious wine show in Australia, featuring over 2,500 wines from over 300 wineries across the country. Wines are judged by a panel of esteemed judges from across Australia over four days, to determine medal and trophy winners. Entries will close on Friday 6 July 2018 at 5pm (CST) Find out more

New National Board Members

2018-02-08T21:09:02+00:008 February 2018|News|

In a positive start to the year, Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) is delighted to announce the appointment of new National Board members Simon Clark (NSW) and Marni Ladd (SA). Bringing to the table a plethora of experience and skill, WCA Chairman Angus Barnes echoed the sentiments of other board members when he stated, “The WCA is excited to have such high calibre wine communication professionals join the team.” “It

Emily Hay – the journey of our inaugural wine media cadet

2018-01-21T10:25:20+00:0020 January 2018|News|

For fifth generation Barossa Valley local Emily Hay, wine journalism is about more than clinking glasses with the industry’s movers and shakers.  During her tenure as the WCA cadet she has been given the opportunity to explore and develop her passion for wine writing as well as meeting a plethora of wine people from all sectors of this thriving and diverse industry. Since September 2017, she has been granted exclusive

Chef Exchange – a SA food and wine journey for Chinese wine enthusiasts

2018-01-02T12:01:10+00:002 January 2018|News|

Do yourself a 'flavour' and tune in to the latest season of Chef Exchange, a new and brilliant cooking show coming out of South Australia. Now before you roll your eyes and tune out (just what we need, another cooking show!) bear with me… this is what we need, and when we need it. Chef Exchange, produced by Adelaide outfit 57 Films, is not your typical celebrity-chef vanity project. The

International Wine Tourism Grants now open.

2017-12-13T09:51:43+00:0013 December 2017|News|

Applications are now open for $10m of international wine tourism grants as a part of the Export Regional Wine Support Package. State wine associations, eligible consortia and entities can now apply for funding through the Australian Government’s International Wine Tourism State Grants and International Wine Tourism Competitive Grants. The two grant programs each have $5 million in funding for exciting wine tourism experiences that will build a stronger pull for

Notice of WCA Resumptions of AGM Adjourned

2017-12-09T18:30:58+00:007 December 2017|News|

2018 WCA Resumption of Annual General Meeting Adjourned NOTICE OF MEETING Notice is hereby given that in accordance with Rule 7.1 of the Constitution of Wine Communicators of Australia Limited ABN 81 151 598 168, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company will be held 5th February 2018 at the Wine Australia Office, South Australia at 5.30pm.   AGENDA Welcome from the Chair Acceptance of apologies received and those

Hong Kong – a wine media cadet’s journey down the rabbit hole…

2017-11-16T13:15:20+00:0016 November 2017|Media release, News|

I guess it’s easy to feel perhaps a little smug about food and wine when you have grown up in one of the best wine regions of the world… But then you take your sheltered little self off to Hong Kong. Bam! What a city! After 6 days of the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, restaurants, lunching with sommeliers and celebrity chefs, a private dinner in the owners box

2017 Wine Communicator of the Year Award Results

2017-11-03T17:16:21+00:002 November 2017|Media release, News|

Thanks to Pernod Ricard Winemakers, guests were treated to the spectacular views of Sydney Harbor from the 43rd floor of the new Barangaroo Towers last night.  Master of Ceremonies, Nathan Earl provided an entertaining and heartfelt delivery of the awards, supported by Awards Partners, Calibria Family Wines, Drinks Association, Ehrenberb Bass Institute, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Treasury Wine Estates, Wine-Searcher and event sponsor Riedel. The annual Wine Communicator of the Year

Under the Influence – Who really holds sway in the buying decision today? NSW

2017-10-26T20:49:21+00:0023 October 2017|News|

Monday 23rd October saw our NSW Chapter put on their thinking - and drinking - chapeaus and get stuck into Under the Influence - Who really holds sway in wine-buying decisions today? An idea shamelessly stolen following the Victorian Chapter's successful series of events, we gathered disparate views from across the industry to pick apart consumer influences and decision making. The panel comprised: Jason Bowyer, Buying Director for Wines &

Viv Thomson – 2017 Victorian Legend of the Vine

2017-10-26T10:39:03+00:0021 October 2017|Media release, News|

To a standing ovation yesterday, Eric Vivian Thomson, fondly known as Viv Thomson amongst wine industry peers, was announced Legend of the Vine Victoria at the annual WCA Melbourne Wine Show Awards Lunch. Thomson comes from a long line of winemakers and received ‘Legend of the Vine’ status for his service to the wine industry as one of Australia’s longest serving winemakers. “Viv has made an outstanding contribution to the