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Blog: Pairing food and wine – The longstanding human love affair

2022-05-20T08:32:30+09:3020 May 2022|Blog, News|

  She’s one of South Australia's culinary icons. She's as vibrant in person as she is accomplished in the kitchen. She's worked under Alla Wolfe-Tasker at Daylesford's Lake House, partnered up with Karen Martini at The Melbourne Wine Room, worked beachside at Bondi's Icebergs and felt the heat of Kylie Kwong's kitchen, Billy Kwong. She’s currently co-owner and chef at one of McLaren Vale’s most iconic restaurants, The Salopian Inn. And

Up-and-comers of Coonawarra

2022-03-22T10:47:34+10:3022 March 2022|Blog, News|

It’s question time… What do you get when you introduce four of Coonawarra’s up-and-coming winemakers—dressed in vintage attire—to a visiting writer in the dining room of Yallum Park, John Riddoch’s 1870s built Victorian Homestead, complete in its grandeur with William Morris wallpaper, 15-foot ceilings and Italian marble fireplaces? Well, you get quite the paradox not to mention an incredibly entertaining night! But, you also get the opportunity to discover just

‘Coming into his Own’ by 2021 WCA Wine Media Cadet

2022-01-21T17:15:41+10:3015 October 2021|Blog, News|

I had the pleasure of sitting down for a one on one with Alpha Box and Dice head winemaker Sam Berketa, to discuss his recent win. I’m rather fortunate in that I get to chat with Sam pretty frequently these days, but profiling him for this piece was a rare opportunity to really interrogate him! And I’m sure glad I did. We’re here to discuss Sam’s recent Young Gun of

Penfolds and Grange: The View from the Top

2021-02-22T12:23:24+10:3016 February 2021|Blog, News|

Story by Lachlan Aird - 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet      I tend to actively avoid the word ‘iconic’ as it seems like a somewhat crass descriptor for most wines. However, for truly iconic wines, what other word applies? When tasked with the assignment to write about an iconic wine from Adelaide, South Australia, there seemed to be little contest. Penfolds Grange was the obvious choice. As I sit

Giving And Sharing: South Australian Holidays In The Regions

2020-12-10T14:20:03+10:3010 December 2020|Blog, News|

Story by Lachlan Aird - 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet   Every family has their own special festive traditions. Whether on purpose or not, there’s a set of rituals that may seem so normal and ordinary to us, but would be incredibly perplexing to outsiders looking in. While there’s a distinct image of an ‘Aussie Christmas’, of sunny outdoor Christmas lunches with fresh seafood, baked hams and pavlova, in Adelaide,

Yalumba: A Winery of the Past, Present and Future

2020-11-16T16:57:04+10:3016 November 2020|Blog, News|

Yalumba Family Vineyards – Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Architecture and Landscape By Lachlan Aird, 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet As Australia's oldest family-owned winery with 170 years of history to draw from, it's no surprise that honouring Yalumba's unique history is the key motivator in crafting a range of experiences and tourism services. It makes sense that their experiences are built around the landscape, grounds

Everything Considered at Tscharke

2020-11-16T16:53:45+10:3016 November 2020|Blog, News|

Tscharke Wines – Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices By Lachlan Aird, 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet Sustainability in any industry is a commitment. Like any commitment, sacrifices must be made, and challenges must be faced before the reward can be enjoyed. For Tscharke, their commitment to sustainability is taken so seriously that there was barely enough time to celebrate their win in

Spoiled for Choice at Longview

2020-11-16T16:46:22+10:3016 November 2020|Blog, News|

Longview – Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Accommodation By Lachlan Aird, 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet At its core, hospitality is the key to a successful cellar door experience. The most memorable and engaging experiences are those that make you feel like you've been welcomed into the winemaker's home. But what if you were already home? Or at the very least, a temporary home, gilded

Unico Zelo: For the People

2020-11-16T16:43:28+10:3016 November 2020|Blog, News|

Unico Zelo – Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Innovation By Lachlan Aird, 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet "When it comes to the brand, we're all in or nothing. Brendan is like that with everything he does," says Laura Carter of her husband and business partner Brendan. As every industry made their ‘pivot' to take their business online during the COVID-19 lockdown, Brendan, Laura and the

Monumental d’Arenberg

2020-11-16T17:00:02+10:3016 November 2020|Blog, News|

d’Arenberg – Great Wine Capitals Best of Wine Tourism Award Winner – Arts & Culture By Lachlan Aird, 2020 WCA Wine Media Cadet Art and culture and the d'Arenberg brand are intrinsically linked. If the legacy of The Cube, the immersive art installation come cellar door, doesn't already prove this then d'Arenberg commitment to bring seemingly unattainable world-class art to McLaren Vale sure is.     The Salvador Dali exhibition

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