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Royal Adelaide Wine Show – we all win(e)!

2018-10-11T14:24:00+00:0011 October 2018|Blog|

Walking into the hall for the Royal Adelaide Wine Show lunch I saw a space full of wine industry legends. I hardly recognised the place; the buzzing, festive atmosphere before me was in stark contrast to the palpable concentration and focus of the same place just a few days earlier. Whilst attending the Wine Communicators’ Wine Show Lunch on the last Friday of September, I took a moment to reflect

Experience matters: Executive Education in Wine Marketing by UniSA and the Ehrenberg- Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

2018-10-08T09:58:48+00:008 October 2018|Blog|

On the surface, wine and its entrenched associations with celebration seems like an ‘easy’ product to market. This, however, is before you take into consideration rapid market expansion, competition from alternate alcohol products and a decline in alcohol consumption. In wine, like all industries, strategy born from real-life experience is imperative to success. UniSA and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute seek to assist today’s wine marketers to overcome industry challenges with the

Blending science into the crafts of great winemaking and storytelling

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By DR JACQUI MCRAE – Senior Research Scientist, The Australian Wine Research Institute Wine is a beautiful and equal blend of craft and science. Many winemakers place much focus on the craft of winemaking but the science behind it can also provide a number of valuable keys to producing and selling top wines. Consumer science Lots of research has been undertaken to investigate the preferences of different types of wine