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“Wine Walkabouts” – Cool Climate by the Creekside

2019-06-26T14:05:53+10:3026 June 2019|Blog|

I always love how people think that ‘Adelaide is boring’. It is true though; if you are new in town and not very open to new experiences, Adelaide could probably be pretty boring. However, the hidden gems shine with an intense brightness and when daring to go off of the beaten tracks – that is where Adelaide and SA get super exciting. And so, while I love to get all

Tasting Australia – The Chemistry of Wine

2019-05-09T23:12:15+10:309 May 2019|Blog|

I love a good aged Riesling with just a touch of TDN*, and I can get pretty happy from a bit of pyrazine in a nice Cabernet Sauvignon**. Not sure what I am talking about? You must have missed out on the Tasting Australia Event ‘The Chemistry of Wine’. I had the pleasure of listening to two absolute guns in the wine industry discussing the vast array of aromas and

The Modernisation Movement: Taking Wine Marketing to The Next Level

2019-05-06T12:05:39+10:301 May 2019|Blog|

There’s certainly no denying the recent shift in wine marketing innovation taking place all over Australia. In this day and age, it is simply not enough to provide a nice oaky red. Cellar door guests are looking for more than a standard day of wine tasting and wineries have begun to advance their marketing tools in order to appeal to this new market. Both new and old wine brands have

Barossa Wine Auction Top Picks

2019-02-25T11:59:17+10:3025 February 2019|Blog|

“Here is a list of amazing wines – do not worry about the price – pick whatever you like.” Pretty much the start of a great personal dream here, ladies and gentlemen. So – if I would not have to worry about the cost of the items, what would I bid on at the Barossa Wine Auction 2019? This question makes me think of how we choose our wines and

Wine magic and storytelling with Tony Love

2019-01-13T14:58:41+10:3013 January 2019|Blog|

Of course I made a list of questions before going to see Tony Love at his home office in Crafers but I did not need it anymore from the moment I walked in the door. Journalism, wine regions, sensory descriptors – an opulent flow of knowledge was released as soon as we started to talk. As a true storyteller, he told me about some cracker wine recommendations, what makes him

Enjoy our wines, protect our vines

2019-01-13T14:10:03+10:3013 January 2019|Blog|

Here is an interesting fact for you: turns out 44% of women and 28% of men think they can just waltz into a vineyard and take a couple selfies while they are on a wine tour. Scrolling through my Instagram I can tell you I am just as guilty as any other wine loving girl with a smartphone. I mean, really; how good do those photos look when you have

The United Nations of Wine

2018-11-19T11:38:06+10:3019 November 2018|Blog|

“It is like seeing a great congregation of the United Nations”, Peter Gago, chief winemaker at Penfolds, said when welcoming the full international delegation of the Great Wine Capitals in their cellars at Magill. My guess is, that if the United Nations would actually come together in similar style to the GWC, a lot of the world’s problems would be solved rather quickly. The Great Wine Capitals network includes ten

Ni Hao Shanghai! – Wine Australia China Wine Awards 2018

2018-11-23T10:33:27+10:3019 November 2018|Blog|

This is my first time in China; a country I would love to know more about but know little of, and where I won’t even pretend to speak or understand the language. It has been less than two days and I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of (the very basics of) WeChat, and at least produce a happy ‘ni hao’ when greeting someone. It figures, that in

McLaren Vale – You Rock

2018-11-19T11:15:52+10:3019 November 2018|Blog|

“Your winemakers, they are not like ‘rock stars’?”, he asks with a slightly confused smile. Juan Pablo Candisano from Mendoza is clearly not used to the down to earth manners of Kelly Wellington, winemaker at Wirra Wirra. I know it is not just Kelly who is happy to chat about the wine she makes, pretty much every Australian wine producer I have ever encountered will light up as soon as

Royal Adelaide Wine Show – we all win(e)!

2018-10-11T14:24:00+10:3011 October 2018|Blog|

Walking into the hall for the Royal Adelaide Wine Show lunch I saw a space full of wine industry legends. I hardly recognised the place; the buzzing, festive atmosphere before me was in stark contrast to the palpable concentration and focus of the same place just a few days earlier. Whilst attending the Wine Communicators’ Wine Show Lunch on the last Friday of September, I took a moment to reflect