Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) is pleased to announce that Marni Cook, Interim Chair has been appointed as Chair. WCA are grateful for the experience and strategic expertise that Marni brings to the position and look forward to working with her as she drives our future direction with the support of fellow board members.

At the forthcoming AGM, WCA will acknowledge the retirement of Jeffrey Wilkinson as the Honorary Company Secretary to WCA. Jeffrey has fulfilled this volunteer role for WCA for the last 10 years.  During this time, WCA became a truly national organisation with the amalgamation of the Wine Press Clubs from the states of NSW, Vic, SA and WA. As Company Secretary, Jeffrey set up the organisation’s corporate structure as a Public Company Limited by Guarantee, registered and regulated by ASIC.

Marni Cook commented on this announcement, “In his role as Company Secretary, Jeffrey worked to craft the constitution, the by-laws, board procedures and was responsible for the annual statutory and WCA Board reporting to ASIC. On behalf of the membership, we wish to thank Jeffrey for his contribution to WCA and we look forward to his continued involvement as a member. We wish him the very best for his future endeavours.”

Alex Gibbs, former Treasurer has accepted the dual position as Secretary and Co-Deputy Chair.  Alex has been a valued member of the WCA Board for 4 years.

Lynda Schenk former Executive Officer has joined the WCA Board and accepted the role of Co-Deputy Chair, which will help to maintain the momentum built over the past 4 years with her personal focus on building the Wine Industry Mentor Program.

Angus Barnes has accepted the position as Treasurer.  Angus, former Chair, has been on the WCA Board for almost 8 years and continues to be a highly valued and experienced member.

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