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After a horrific series of floods, droughts and bushfires, winemakers are well aware of how important it is for them to make smart decisions regarding their approach to both environmental and land management. Many are seeking sustainability advice and support.

In this webinar, Hamish Ramsay, Consultant at SW Sustainability Advisory, will demonstrate through numerous case studies how implementing renewable energy solutions and water and waste management programs help winemakers to reduce their carbon footprint for long term sustainable wineries. The added benefit can also lead to increased investment in ongoing sustainable operations that may support their growth or exit strategies.


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Hamish has an agricultural background growing up on a beef and sheep farm in Victoria and holds qualifications in aircraft engineering, project
management, asset management in addition to business experience in aircraft maintenance, construction, HVAC, agriculture, wine production, waste management and protected areas management. Hamish is passionate about assisting and ensuring transition of all sectors to utilise sustainable alternatives that reduce negative environmental footprints and long term cost reductions through improvements in the management of energy, water and waste.


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