McLaren Vale winery brand manager Lachlan Aird has been named as this year’s Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) Wine Media Cadet.

In its fourth year, the successful cadet program is made possible through the partnership between Wine Communicators of Australia and Adelaide, a Great Wine Capital of the World.

Supported by the Marshall Liberal Government, the WCA Wine Media Cadetship aims to empower young people who are passionate and keen to build careers in South Australia’s wine industry.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the Wine Media Cadet program helps identify talent and develop key skills in wine communication.

“Each year a cadet gains unique experiences and insights into South Australia’s wine industry as part of a tailored program,” said Minister Basham.

“Mr Aird, from Alpha Box and Dice, will have the opportunity to attend key industry events to develop his writing skills, meet high profile wine industry contacts and be published on the Adelaide, Great Wine Capital blog.”

Entering the wine industry in 2016 when he secured his current role, Mr Aird has a genuine passion for wine and an eagerness to share his own unique stories about the South Australian wine industry.

“I’m very honoured to be selected as the 2020 Wine Media Cadet,” he said.

“I look forward to learning from others in the industry, understanding their process and how I might be able to adapt it into my own.”

With a background in journalism, fashion and lifestyle marketing, he said communication has been at the core of his career so far.

“The transition to the wine industry has been surprisingly smooth, although I’m sure it’s due to how integral wine is to the South Australian lifestyle. Nevertheless, I am incredibly grateful to those in the industry I have learnt from along the way – there will be plenty more learning to come.

“Wine is such a valuable industry to South Australia. I think the more people with diverse skills and experiences we have working in the wine trade, the more enriched the industry will become. I am very excited to document this journey and share my discoveries with the industry.”

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