Aspiring wine writer Tijana Laganin has been announced as the 2022 Wine Communicators Australia (WCA) wine media cadet.

Tijana is the sixth cadet in the program, which aims to foster emerging talent and promotes excellence in Australian wine media and communications.

The cadetship provides a young person who is passionate about South Australia’s wine industry a valuable opportunity to develop their wine media skills.

Tijana is a wine marketing and sales manager with solid knowledge of the grape to glass process. She is also a passionate wine writer who thinks the voice of wine should evolve as the world does, and hopes her writing comes across to her readers as though it was written by a friend.

As the 2022 cadet, Tijana will undertake an extensive program to gain skills in wine sensory evaluation, wine media writing, and engagement with wine industry bodies. Her content will be featured on the Adelaide a Great Wine Capital website and Wine Communicators of Australia’s social media over the coming months.

The WCA wine media cadetship is made possible through the Adelaide Great Wine Capital initiative funded by the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, the South Australian Wine Industry Association, South Australian Tourism Commission, the University of Adelaide, and the University of South Australia.

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