ASVO is proudly working in collaboration with Wine Communicators of Australia (WCA) to present a two-day seminar on June 29-30, 2020. ‘Australian wine: winning the long game’ will tackle the big issues: growing, making and selling wine in the future. 

“Wine businesses today are confronted with the threat of fire, drought, rising energy prices, disease and climate change (among other things). Consumers are seeking out businesses whose practises offer a reduced footprint combined with a health and wellbeing focus.” said Lynda Schenk, Executive Officer, Wine Communicators of Australia. 

ASVO President, Brooke Howell said, “This seminar will provide technical information and real case studies to build capability and efficiency in the Australian wine industry. Drawing on the expertise from within the wine industry and the experiences of others, attendees will gain a greater understanding of our impacts locally and globally, gain strategies to mitigate these risks, improve the environment through winegrowing and making practices, and better communicate these messages to customers and consumers.” 

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