The Wine Industry Mentor Program is back in 2023 and seeking applications from individuals who are ready to build long-lasting connections in their careers across the grape and wine sector.

Applications opened today, 1 March, and will close on 31 March 2023.

The structured mentoring program pairs early career professionals from across the grape and wine community – from viticulture to winemaking, research to logistics, marketing, and media, and more – with respected wine sector leaders and provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded people as a way of building industry capability and a spirit of collaboration.

Benefits for participants are varied, and have included career progression, opportunities to expand networks, developing confidence, and taking on leadership or other professional development pathways, as well as fostering a renewed commitment amongst participants to their region, role, and opportunities for future success.

As Emily Fitzgerald commented on her experience in 2022, ‘I will be starting a new job in export marketing within my company in the new year. I can thank my mentor for that!’.

Since the program’s commencement in 2019, more than 160 mentees have received one-on-one mentoring, with many continuing their relationship following the program, recognising the sense of shared success that is so important to the wine sector.

More than 50 well-known wine industry experts have volunteered to mentor participants in 2023, including Max Allen (wine writer), Samantha Connew (Stargazer Wines), Tony Robinson (AWRI) and Angus Hughson (Winepilot).

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