At this unprecedented time there are a lot of elements that businesses and individuals are grappling with.  It is on this basis that WCA have received a number of requests from individuals to be granted an extension in order to complete their applications to become a Mentee in our 2020 Wine Industry Mentor Program.  Therefore, in order to be fair to all we have decided to extend the closing date for the Wine Industry Mentor Program to Friday 27th March 2020.

In the current environment we are aware that many people are not thinking of their longer-term careers and understandably, people are more concerned about the today.  However, WCA believe that in a time when people are self-isolating, we see the Wine Industry Mentor Program as an excellent opportunity for people to embark on self-improvements programs as well as maintain social isolation.

Please be assured this program will proceed as planned as it is perfectly placed for people to meet in an online capacity should they be concerned about face-to-face.

Building strong communities such as the Wine Industry Mentor Program will help to break down the toll that social distancing may impact on individuals.  The Wine Industry Mentor Program is a perfect opportunity to ensure you have someone and something to look forward to over the next 6 months.  

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