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There are many things that people consider when looking at get-away and holiday alternatives. Especially when they are seeking to satisfy their holiday objectives, whilst at the same time, minimise the risk of making bad choices.
In this webinar, Professor Roberta Crouch from Flinders University will provide an overview of what a cohort of 600 individuals from the US considering an overseas holiday name as their priorities. The study also quantifies how Australia compares to other international destinations, including France when it comes to expectations of service provision, food and wine, and risk.
About the Presenter
Professor Roberta Crouch is Director MBA and Wine Business and Tourism Programs at Flinders University. Roberta’s interests include country of origin effects, the power of non-intrinsic product cues to influence perceptions of product and service quality and the development of online strategies and social media to build brand attachment through virtual communities and live streaming events. Her work has been published in Australian industry publications and internationally in highly regarded academic journals. Roberta has extensive experience as a leader of internationally based wine business research projects; and has completed research projects for the Wine Makers’ Federation of Australia and a number of projects for Wine Australia.

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