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The seminar will cover recent research based on 32 in-depth interviews of wine buyers and store managers across a range of different types of alcoholic beverage retailers. The discussion will centre around how different types of retailers: fine wine retailers, independent retail chains and corporate retail chains make the decision to stock a wine; what prompts each to delist wines; and what are the parameters for replacing a wine that is delisted or out of stock. Special focus will be given to the importance of wineries spending efforts to build an individual brand compared to spending efforts to build the connection to a wine region.

If there is time, a brief inventory on the listings of Australian online wine stores will be presented. The research question focused on which type of retailer (fine wine, independent chain, corporate chains) offered a better selection of medium and small wine brands. Which retailer type would be more likely to stock a new or less known wine brand.

Presenter: Larry Lockshin, Profess0r of Wine Marketing

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