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Crowdfunding theory and practice: entrepreneurial opportunities and business benefits for wine and wine tourism

The webinar aims to familiarise the participants with the concept, the application and the business benefits of crowdfunding within the wine (tourism) context. Crowdfunding is not only an alternative way to access funds for supporting a business venture. Crowdfunding is also a great way to promote a business, launch a new wine offering and / or offer a customer co-creation opportunity that can enhance customer brand loyalty and attachment. The webinar will explain the various types of crowdfunding mechanisms and platforms that wine (tourism) professionals and business can use to raise capital but also to achieve these marketing benefits. In addition, the participants will learn which are the key success factors for designing, promoting and ensuring the success of a crowdfunding project. Practical examples and cases of wine (tourism) business using crowdfunding will be provided to better illustrate the arguments.

Presented by:  Marianna Sigala | Professor of Tourism | Director of the Centre for Tourism and Leisure Management (CTLM)

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