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  • Matthew Brittingham, Partner, Finlaysons Lawyers

In this webinar you will find out:

With the new bill to reform WET set to be released in late June 2017, this seminar will work through all of the proposed changes to the WET rebate, and WET generally, and discuss how those changes will impact on wine businesses.

The proposed new ‘threshold’ requirements for claiming producer rebates, such as owning your brand, and most notably owning 85% of the grapes used to make your wine throughout the wine making process will be considered in some detail.  This will be especially relevant for wine businesses that make blends from wine sourced from other wine businesses.  Special attention will also be given as to how the proposed changes to the quoting rules will operate under the new reforms.

All in all you should leave the session armed to take on the new WET world.


WCA members can attend this event free of charge.  Non-members will be charged upon registration for this webinar. 

Register HERE.

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