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A business or sector’s survival can hinge on the way it handles a crisis.

This webinar will cover preparing for a crisis at the enterprise level, what to do if you suspect a biosecurity threat, how government agencies deal with threats and their plans to deal with potential events. It will also cover the grape and wine sectors’ crisis plan to deal with reputational threats related to biosecurity, product tampering/contamination or trade related issues.


Presented By: Craig Elliott – Program Manager, National Xylella Preparedness Program and Anita Poddar – Corporate Affairs Manager, Wine Australia 

Craig Elliott is the Program Manager for the National Xylella Preparedness Program; a collaborative effort between Wine Australia and Hort Innovation to ensure Australia is better prepared for the arrival of the plant bacteria Xylella fastidiosa, Australia’s number 1 plant biosecurity threat. Craig has extensive experience in planning, managing and reviewing responses and exercises spanning two decades in policing and biosecurity agencies and has been deployed to every State and Territory in the National Biosecurity Response Team as an Incident Controller and Mentor.

Anita Poddar is Wine Australia’s corporate affairs manager and is an experienced communicator with a background in agricultural, metropolitan and broadcast journalism. She has worked for major agricultural and mining corporations and government agencies and has first-hand experience preparing for and handling crisis communications both as a reporter and communications manager.

All webinars presented by Wine Australia are FREE for all to attend.

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